The Beecharmers offers hive hosting services in backyards, small farms, community gardens and local businesses. We also offer Hive to Spoon Partnerships, micro-local honey and other products, apiary tours in the Sacramento area, educational workshops, beekeeping consultations, and swarm removal. 

If you just want to learn more about and support bees we are happy to discuss what you can do to get involved in other ways!




Rachel Morrison started beekeeping in Alabama after teaching science in an urban Birmingham school as a Teach for America Corps Member. She fell in love with bees and beekeeping after studying and using bees in class as examples of symmetry in nature, super-organisms, how human "hives" could function in society and a way to explain how science happens in the real world. 

She falls in love with bees again every time she opens a hive and takes in that unique sound and smell of happy, healthy bees. She's passionate about connecting communities and sharing the joy of bees and urban beekeeping with others. She's excited to join the UC Davis Master Beekeeper Program this year and is eager to spread the knowledge gained to pollinator advocates through outreach, awareness and beekeeping services.