Host a Hive in your backyard or community garden! 

Are you interested in bees, beekeeping and pollination but unsure about caring for your own backyard bees? The Beecharmers provides backyard hives through our Hive Hosting services! Contact us for more details. 

Our Hive Hosting service provides backyard hive installation, regular maintenance, all necessary equipment, honey harvesting and if you are interested, education about bees and beekeeping. You will also receive access to honey, beeswax, pollen and other products from your hive along with the amazing experience of watching the life cycle of the bees. Best of all, you will join a community of amazing hive hosts in the Sacramento area doing their part to help save the bees!

Not sure if your yard or garden would be a good fit for a hive? We are happy to provide a free consultation. We specialize in beekeeping in urban/suburban areas and will do our best to make sure that you and your bees are a good match. For an annual fee, suitable hosts can support the bees and experience the joy of having bees without the time and money investment of beekeeping training.

The annual fee helps us continue to provide care to the bees, upgrade equipment when necessary and continue to spread the joy of beekeeping to the community. If you become interested in caring for your own hive we are available to help you with that transition or provide you with your own bees, hive and training.  Annual fees are determined by your location and any other unique circumstances.


Hive hosts do not gain ownership of the hive or the bees inside but will have first choice of honey harvested from your backyard at a significantly discounted rate.

We are absolutely committed to making hive hosting affordable for anyone interested.