The Beecharmers offer beekeeping and bee focused products and services.

  • Bee Experiences

    Apiary tours and honey tastings at various urban farms or other sites where we charm our bees. Join us for a 2 hour farm tour, check out the bees inside the hives and then enjoy a honey tasting with seasonal fruit.

  • Hive Consultation Services

    Partner with us to keep your backyard hive healthy and thriving. Set up a schedule of consultations to help you charm your bees through each season. We help you get comfortable making sure your bees have what they need, troubleshooting hive issues and recommendations for sustainable beekeeping practices.

  • Youth Education and Outreach

    Schedule a bee talk for your classroom or school. K-12 bee talk visits available with programs tailored to age group, science standards and student interests. We also offer field trips in partnership with local, urban farms and pollinator focused educational experiences for small groups like Scout troops, 4-H, FFA and others interested in learning more about bees.

  • Beekeeping or Bee Focused Workshops and Classes

    Various workshops and classes for those interested in learning more about bees and how they live. We offer talks and workshops that range from an overview of the secret lives of honey bees for those interested in learning more about bees and pollinators all the way to half or full day immersive beginner and intermediate beekeeping classes.

  • Swarm Rescues/Removals

    We will remove and relocate honey bee swarms from residential and business properties. Give us a call to answer a few important questions, schedule a bee swarm removal and help save bees.


About Us

Rachel Morrison started beekeeping in Alabama after teaching science in an urban high school in Birmingham, AL as a Teach for America Corps Member. She fell in love with bees and beekeeping after studying and using bees in class as examples of how science works in the real world, symmetry in nature, exploring their roles as part of a superorganism, graphing the magical waggle dance and elevating bees as an example of how human "hives" could function more efficiently and altruistically together in society.

She falls in love with bees again every time she opens a hive and takes in that unique sound and smell of happy, healthy bees. She's passionate about connecting and sharing the joy of bees and urban beekeeping with others. Rachel is the President of the Sacramento Area Beekeepers Association, a participant in California Master Beekeeper Program and is always eager to spread her love of beekeeping through outreach, awareness and beekeeping services.